Transom Capital Group is an Operations-focused private
equity firm in the middle-market. Learn More  

Founded in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, Transom has a proven track record of driving returns. Our operating thesis is that we can best support our portfolio companies by leveraging our team of experts, all of whom possess real-world experience in leadership roles in the types of businesses we aim to transform. We draw on this experience to form collaborative partnerships with management teams – and realize a shared desire to turn potential into tangible value.

Assets Under Management
Up To $500M
Transaction Size (TEV)
Return Target


Transom is unique in the Private Equity
landscape in four significant ways

Investment Criteria

We consider each investment opportunity in terms of its value creation potential and fit to our investment criteria.

ARMOR Value Creation Process

Our systematic ARMORSM Value Creation Process predictably and consistently creates positive outcomes.

Deep Functional Operating Expertise

Our team of practitioners is substantive because they have lived their expertise beyond the academic or theoretical.


Empowering employees from the bottom-up is critical to maximizing forward thrust.