At Transom, we believe that the most important aspect of any
endeavor is the team tasked with completing the journey.

With a deep bench of talent, unwavering urgency and perseverance, and the ability to troubleshoot all facets of an organization, the Transom Capital team transforms operations and culture to create value. Our focus is on middle-market investment opportunities that exhibit great potential. Our unique hands-on approach to partnership generates momentum and productive relationships with all stakeholders: internally and externally.


Ken Firtel

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Russ Roenick

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

James Oh

Managing Partner

Business Development

James Whittle

Vice President, Business Development

Nishant Bubna

Vice President, Business Development

Zoe Schackel

Analyst, Business Development

Mergers & Acquisitions

Steve Kim


Conor Davenport

Vice President

Sergio Morales



John Maier

Operating Partner

Brendan Hart

Senior Vice President, Operations

Vivek Saxena

Senior Vice President, Operations

Steven Van Camp

Senior Vice President, Operations


Nathan Dastic

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Hernandez

Office Manager