Transom creates value by prioritizing open collaboration, operational excellence, and employee engagement.


Instead of benefitting just investors or owners, we see private equity as a tool to boost long-term value for everyone on the org chart—from the entry level to the C-suite. Transom aims to generate substantial returns by building teams that can execute our playbook and who live our values in all areas of our operation.

Core Values

First and foremost, the Transom team thrives on solving problems. Of course, problem solving isn’t a solitary endeavor—or at least, it shouldn’t be. That’s why we prioritize teamwork and tap into our network of operational experts to help design bespoke solutions for each unique set of challenges.

The Transom team is dedicated—but that’s not enough. A private equity firm needs to operate with a sense of accessibility and approachability.  Transom prides itself on its down-to-earth demeanor and ability to inspire trust, respect and collaboration from our portfolio companies’ employees—from the top to the bottom.  The proof is in our outcomes: company growth, strong relationships amongst employees and management, and a corporate culture where everyone is valued, empowered and heard.