Our Hands-On Experience Brings Bold Ideas to Life.

Experience is everything. Our team knows how to identify opportunities that fit what we know we can do because we have done it again and again. We have been in the corner office, run executive meetings, plotted strategy, and risen to the day-to-day operational challenges the leaders in our portfolio companies face on a daily basis. We know how it feels and we know what it’s like to get a lift from a real partner. Transom’s ability to identify best-fit opportunities and then employ our Operations expertise to leverage our ARMORSM Value Creation Model and create Cultural Transformations make us more than just another private equity firm.

Investment Criteria

Transom leverages an operationally-focused lens for our investments in the middle market. We consider each investment opportunity in terms of the merits of its value creation potential and how well it fits our deal criteria.

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The ARMORSM Value Creation Process is Transom’s proprietary process that is designed to consistently drive long term growth and successful exits.

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Operations Expertise

Our Operations Team of practitioners is classically trained but has decades of hands-on experience building, growing and managing businesses similar to our portfolio companies.

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Cultural assessment and improvement are a significant component of the ARMORSM value creation process. In short, it’s an expectation that together we will transform businesses with a unified vision across all stakeholders and work collaboratively towards a set of unified goals.

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